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1992 : The irrigasc duct was invented by agriculture engineer Jacques GASC and the irrigasc company was founded. In 20 years, with the help of Saliou SECK, Louis PREIRA and Khady LOUM:

  • More than 2.500 mango and cashew nut tree plantations were planted between Mbour and Koalack,

  • More than 500.000 irrigasc ducts were sold worldwide.

2012 : The irrigasc non-profit organisation was launched by Jacques' family after his passing to pursue his life's work with the support of the local team.


2012-2019 : More than 90.000 trees were planted in the context of agricultural development programs in Senegal, with more than 1.025 families.

2020: The irrigasc social business was created alongside the non-profit to help finance programs with carbon credits. 

Jacques GASC gaine

Jacques Gasc receives Best innovation award by the Senegalese president  Abdou Diouf in 1992

Christophe Gasc, Jacques' son, presenting the project in 2014

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